5 Ways parents can resell their babies’ textiles

If you have your baby’s old textiles lying around, then you are sitting on top of a potential goldmine that could make you some extra money. Here are some of the top 5 ways you can use to resell your baby’s old textiles:


One of the easiest and most effective ways any parent can use to sell their baby’s textile is via the internet.  With online, there are several popular platforms you can use to reach diverse customers who might be interested in what you want to sell. The best platform you can use for reselling your baby’s textile is eBay. The reason why many use the platform because it’s easier for you to do your research so that you can easily see and take note of what’s trending and follow the examples of the best sellers. By doing so, your products will sell like hot cake.


Another way for reselling your baby’s old textiles is by making use of consignments. Consignment shops are shops that will enable you to earn some extra money from reselling your old items especially clothes. To make the most out of a consignment store when trying to resell your baby’s textiles, you have to find a store that specializes in a single category. In your case, you’d need one that only collects baby’s textiles. By doing so, you will be positioning yourself to get a great deal because in most cases, specialist consignment stores are more popular than general ones.

Social Media

You can also resell your baby’s textiles by making use of Social Media. Social Media is a great avenue for reselling baby’s textiles because it is both popular and has a lot of different users actively searching and hunting for exactly what you are offering. Using a platform like Facebook, you can create a page for advertising your textiles and selling them to people who live in and around your area. The Ads themselves will not cost much as compared to the returns you will get to enjoy from your total ad spend.

Yard Sale

If you aren’t tech-inclined or a fan of consignment stores, consider the old school way. You can hold a garage or yard sale and sell off your baby’s textiles straight from your yard. To do this effectively, you may have to print out a few flyers and share them with your neighbors particularly those who are pregnant or have just given birth. If they are interested, they will show up.

Local Markets

The last option for you to use for reselling you baby’s textiles is to reach out to the local markets in your area. To get started, you just need to pay them a visit with whatever you may want to sell and check to see if they will be interested. If they are, then you will land in the money.

What other methods of selling your baby textiles do you know? Please, kindly share them with us.

Image Source: Pixabay