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There seems to be a rise in diseases these days, and it’s not from new viruses and bacteria. There are many synthetic chemicals used by the textile industry to make our clothing. Because most of these chemicals aren’t tested (and while some aren’t even regulated), they are commonly used in factories to produce and develop the things we wear. Harmful chemicals are the blame for the causes of the sudden increase in illness throughout the world. There are simply more chemicals in our clothes than we can imagine.

Chemicals Found In Textile Production - And What It May Lead To

Mt. Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center found 6 chemicals used in textile production. These chemicals are suspected to cause developmental diseases like autism, breathing difficulties and even infertility or low sperm count. Some of the chemicals used in clothing are:

  • Formaldehyde, which is used on most cotton or poly sheet sets sold in the United States. There have been countless studies done on this chemical and leukemia deaths, yet the United States of America still does not regulate the use of formaldehyde.
  • Benzene is a chemical that is used to produce synthetics like nylon, and is absorbed into the skin easily.
  • Dioxins are used to preserve cotton and other fibers while in transit.

The chemicals listed above are just some of the chemicals used for clothing production, and all are extremely toxic and harmful to our bodies in various ways. These chemicals are known to disrupt development during pregnancy, produce respiratory problems, and cause damage to the nervous and immune system, as well as disrupt hormone production. They are even proven to cause cancer.

Clothing produced with these harmful chemicals can cause development disorders that have increased at alarming rates in the past few decades. People are having more difficulty breathing due to the chemicals in clothing. Asthma and allergies are becoming even more common in adults and children.

The toxins coming from what we wear are also causing a drop in the immune response, while heavily and negatively influencing the brain and nervous system.

The endocrine system is another system that is disrupted, causing hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, to decrease to levels that are abnormal, which results in further pregnancy development problems. Other problems in the body are affected as well because the endocrine system’s ability to send signals to other cells and other parts of the body are inhibited.

Consumers Can Make A Difference With Their Dollar

With many chemicals pumped into the production of our clothing, there is still a way for us to change the issue for the better. We can make a difference if we vote with our dollar. The less we buy from factories that use harmful chemicals, the less power they have. Buying products from companies that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified will help support their efforts in making textile production as clean and eco-friendly as possible. They ensure the safety of more than the factory workers and even the customers, but also the Earth. 

Are you willing to buy eco-friendly clothing over chemically produced clothing?

Image Source: Pixabay