How We Contribute to Reduce, Reuse, and Resell Textiles Activities

With all the effects of waste and pollution from the textile industry, more and more businesses are looking to find ways to become eco-friendly. They may do so by becoming GOTS certified, and by making extra efforts to become “greener” regarding production and packaging. Our company, Itty-Bitty Footprint, is an organic clothing line for the little ones. We know the importance of being green, as it provides many benefits to people and the planet. We follow ethical standards in creating and shipping our products. 

There are great benefits in using the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Resell that are extremely significant on the impact of the Earth. Reducing the amount of space, energy, machinery, and chemicals used in Itty-Bitty Footprint saves a substantial amount of energy and money. It prevents harmful pollution and promotes healthy, clean, and breathable air. It reduces waste in landfills because there are many ways to reuse, recycle, or even repurpose organic materials. Greenhouse gases will be significantly decreased, which will help with the issue of global warming. Most importantly, it creates a more sustainable environment for our children.

Our Reduce Activities

  • By removing as much additional energy, materials, and space are some of the ways we reduce.
  • Producing clothing with only organic materials helps in reducing global emissions.
  • We reduce the number of harmful chemicals in the production of clothing by using all natural and organic materials, as they are proven to last much longer and are better quality.
  • In general, organic cotton uses less water and less energy, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint our company leaves.

Our Reuse Activities

We do our part in making sure that all of the materials used are recyclable, from our garments to our packaging. Our packaging includes a recycled poly mailer with self-seal adhesive strip to make it easy to reuse. Our high-quality fabrics allow for the clothing to stay as good as new, regardless of the number of uses. We ensure that our clothing will be wearable and have good quality, even after being donated. We also understand babies grow at a rapid rate, and clothes are a constant purchase. Your babies clothes can be reusable or even repurposed to assure the fabric will always be put to good, sustainable use.

Our Resell Activities

Our company understands that organic clothes are typically more expensive than the average factory-made clothes. Itty-Bitty Footprint believes all should be clothed in organic clothing because they deserve to be healthy, and so does the Earth. Reducing, reusing, and reselling our products allows us to effectively keep providing quality organic clothing, without putting the health of people or the planet at risk. Itty-Bitty Footprint guarantees to do all we can in keeping people, the environment, and the Earth as safe and healthy as possible.