It's a Lifestyle

My passion for organic and environmentally-friendly living started out of curiosity.  During the days while living in Chicago, I stumbled upon a chain of health stores, restaurants and even clinics that have the same mission – to promote and live a healthy life. Of all the things I saw in that chain of stores and establishments, I was immersed enough to desire to know more and eventually join in. I started getting curious and interested, in which I made the utmost effort to research, ask questions, explore and even search the web about this organic movement. The information I have gathered through all the studies conducted point to the same thing – there are toxins and harmful chemicals used in most of the food and products sold in the market. These toxins are harmful enough to cause serious health issues. What’s even worse is they are gradually harming the environment too.

Through all this research and realizations, I decided to change my lifestyle once and for all. I am now conscious of what I eat, use on my body or even mindful of what I wear. In researching further about clothing, I realized conventional cotton, which is commonly used as the main material for making clothes, has a harmful effect on humans which most of us are not aware of. After discovering this information, right then and there, I decided to look for ways to produce organic garments that are friendly to humans as well as to the environment.

Itty-Bitty Footprint was created to help preserve the Earth by promoting ReduceReuse, and Resell textiles activities. With more than 10 million tons of textile waste ending in landfills in the United States each year, we believe nearly all textiles are recyclable. With babies growing at a rapid rate, we understand new clothes are a constant purchase. Baby garments can be reusable or even repurposed to assure the fabric will always be put to good, sustainable use. We make our garments using GOTS certified organic materials, which are safe for babies delicate skin and the environment. Our love for the environment is reflected in our clothing. Through Itty-Bitty Footprint, we can help to preserve the Earth in some way, without jeopardizing style.

To inform parents about the health and environmental advantages of using organic clothing for their itty-bitty ones. We believe all deserve the best protection for their skin.